Sharing my travel experiences,stories & adventures with you , because we love travelling :)

┬ęGiannis Prodromidis

Who I am ?

A globetrotter ? An adventurer ? A busy travel business man ?
Nothing from above , I am a simple traveller as you are and we having the same hobby as every traveller have .
  1. Ethiopia - Danakil Depression @ 2015 Dec.
    Ethiopia - Danakil Depression @ 2015 Dec.
  2. Cuba- Havana @ 2014 July
    Cuba- Havana @ 2014 July
  3. North Korea - Pyongyang @ 2015 May
    North Korea - Pyongyang @ 2015 May
  4. Ethiopia - Southern Regions @ 2015 Dec.
    Ethiopia - Southern Regions @ 2015 Dec.
  5. Peru - Machu Picchu @ 2012 August
    Peru - Machu Picchu @ 2012 August
  6. Australia - Sydney @ 2016 August
    Australia - Sydney @ 2016 August
Who I am ? A world citizen as you are :)

My name is Giannis Prodromidis , Giannis is my first name and have the same meaning like John or Jan or Juan or Ivan or Johan etc.
I am Greek citizen born and living in Athens Greece , my occupation is IT engineer . Birth date at 11 February 1971 .

My virgin trip was at May 1974 , my father drove from Greece/Athens to reach Germany/Munich , almost get through Yugoslavia and Austria and somewhere there infected with traveler virus :)

My target are to reach all the 193 UN countries , for the moment been in 140 United Nation countries and 9 independent defacto countries . That mean 53 left to reach my target :)

My mother language are Greek also have some skills to English . I am not perfect as you have it like mother language , so if I have a horrible review please just correct the text for me and send it back by email , I will really appreciate it and probably upload yours :)
Also know few Spanish and many worlds from all over the world . But my most important language is the body language , never betray me :)
The most important thing for me is to share some of my experiences with other travellers and help you with my travel knowledge or sometimes confuse you :)

My main hobby are photography and wasting all my time to taking pictures if travelling , really love it and enjoy it , my portfolio has over than 800.000 pictures from all over the world and hope so to share some good ones with you. Using all type of cameras , Dslr , compact , GoPro and my mobile phone too :)

Hope so to enjoy my adventures and my picture gallery . Please have patience , I having many and long stories , little free time out of my business , so keep tuned and don't disappoint you :)

Don't hesitate to contact with me for any help , wonder , critic , or for any reason .

Most of the times I am travelling alone , try to have some savings and don't waste my money without reason in daily routine . Travelling on budget without sponsors or loan money , means if I have pregnant wallet running a trip if not working harder :)

Never forget , a trip never cost money if you have it in your first priorities !

Safe trips to all of us and always having fun in every point of earth !

Thank you very much to visit my site .

With appreciation
Giannis Prodromidis